Why We Give

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be."  - Matthew 6:21

"Where your treasure is, there will your heart also be."  - Matthew 6:21

Giving to your parish is the best investment you can make. A parish community is where people encounter Christ and begin walking with him throughout their lives. 

Giving brings us closer to God. When you invest in the things that are important to God, you build a stronger relationship with Him. 

Giving builds our character. When we give, we allow others to see God working through us. The Lord has given us everything – even sending his only begotten Son for our salvation.

Giving shows love. By giving to a parish community, we make it possible for others to experience God's love for them. It also helps us provide much needed aid and care to the less fortunate in our communities. 

Ways We Can Give

Planned giving. By planning ahead, you can ensure that there is always room in your budget for giving. Giving electronically is the best way to plan your giving at St. Isaac Jogues. 

Calculate a comfortable percentage. There is a biblical standard for tithing, or giving, ten percent of your income to God. By determining the percentage of your income that you will give away, you can create a healthy balance between funds for you and your family and those you can share with others. 

Make a point to progressively give more. Being a blessing to others is a blessing in itself. By striving to give more and more each year, you will find joy in knowing that you are helping to grow the support for God's community.